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B'More Succeeds

Everything changes eventually.

Sometimes we need a little help to get there.

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Who We Are

B’more Succeeds is a program for young people in Baltimore City ages 14 through 25 who are struggling with mental health or substance use challenges, and may be pregnant, parenting, or experiencing housing instability.

Ways We Help

B'More Succeeds offers counseling & treatment for mental health & substance use.

We also offer practical help like job training & placement, transportation, food, furniture &  furnishings, housing, car seats, diapers, formula, cribs & other parenting supplies as well as connections to childcare services. 


someone to talk to

We know that finding the support you need and making healthy choices can be difficult. Whether you are facing mental health or  substance use challenges, or both, we are here for you. B'More Succeeds provides counseling, as well as treatment and recovery support.

job training & placement

We are here to help you get the quality skills, training, and job placements. B'More Succeeds helps you get and keep the employment you seek to meet your needs. 

parenting skills & supplies

We are here to support you and your infant or toddler. B'More Succeeds can help you build your skill as a new parent and provide needed supplies from diapers to rollers.

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You are capable. You deserve to feel good as hell, and you deserve to find comes at you fast, and sometimes it can be so hard, but if I can make it, I know you can make it. We can make it together.


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